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This is an information site through which can get to know about the medical ailments and its popular treatment methods.There are certain terms and conditions in this website and you are supposed to follow it. Continuing to use the site and reading the content clarifies that you are abiding by our clause. Since we do provide option for our readers, those who do not follow these can just stop using the website and it is their choice.

Terms and conditions are frequently updated. This is done irrespective of time and we do not hold any responsibility to send a notice regarding this to our users. Even though you use the website at the moment the clauses are changed you still would not receive any message about it. As soon as the page is updated, the terms and conditions that are mentioned in it come into practice with immediate effect.

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According to the laws in our country we are not supposed to gather any information of people who does not belong to the legal age. This legal age is considered to be 18 years and those who are less than this age should not create an account in the website at any cost. If you masquerade and give wrong details about your age then the mistake fall on your side thus you would be responsible for the consequences. If you are not aware about the eligible age but still created an account then you have to notify us about this as soon as possible. We would delete the details as well as the account immediately.

If you are utilizing any of the external links then you have to take responsibility for this act as we have no connection with them. They have their own policies and business. So any loss that you face because of those links should be handled with them only and not with us at any point of time.