Privacy policy

We have set up a team of experts in order to protect the information of our readers. This site has a secured network to avoid any information breech. We will not sell or share any kind of user detail with the third parties. In addition to it, the intruders are restricted in approaching the network hence your details would be kept secure.

It is a must for you to offer personal information in order to register to the website so we would take up the responsibility to protect it at any cost. Though our time and energy are been spent for the security we still cannot provide any guarantee for the safeness of the details.

Not only the personal details but we do collect cookies which are non-personal information about the readers. Every time you visit or go through the content in the site we would collect the cookies. Due to this it becomes very easy for us to know about your needs and offer better search options. Your privacy matters a lot hence you are provided with an opportunity to block the cookies. This prevents us from gathering the cookies.

We take so much effort in order to safeguard the details and in the similar fashion you are supposed to protect your username and password. Never share these details to anyone as this might create issues to you.

People might forget their passwords hence they are given a choice to change it with the help of forget password option. The link would be sent to your registered mail id. Only when you click the link you would be able to set a new password. So it becomes a must to safeguard your email id properly. If anyone is going to misuse your mail id then there are chances for security breech from your side. This website would not be liable to such situation and we are not questionable by the readers.

This website keeps up with the new technologies thus we would change the privacy policy from time to time. In this case, you have to check the page quite often to keep updated. We would not send you a mail regarding the change at any time. Even if you are not aware about the change in the privacy policy these clauses would still be in practice. This applies to every reader in the website regardless of new or old one.