In what dosage strengths are Tramadol available? How dosage differs for each age group?

white tramadol tabletTramadol is a widely used opiate analgesic or narcotic painkiller. Tramadol drug is mass produced under the brand names Ultram and ConZip. This opiate medication is mainly used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Opiates like hydrocodone and oxycodone are accused of causing severe addiction problems but Tramadol being a narcotic painkiller is very safe to use. Doctors widely prescribe to buy Tramadol medication in the treatment of joint, muscle pains or arthritis. There are also various off the book usage of this tramadol drug in various treatments. When used orally liver metabolizes Tramadol into a variety of other chemicals which are known to produce more potential effects than the drug itself. This tramadol medicine should be taken strictly as per the instructions of the doctor. Misuse of an opiate analgesic can cause various complications in adults and can even the cause of death in children.

Dosage Information of Tramadol

All Tramadol forms come in dosages that vary from 50mg/day to 300mg/day and is to be consumed as per the instructions of your medical instructor. The dosage strength must never be increase unless the doctor suggests it otherwise it may cause tolerance and physical dependence for the tramadol drug. The extended release capsules of Tramadol are suggested to be swallowed whole. If tramadol is broken, chewed or powdered then it may cause various unwanted side effects. Dosing of this painkiller is very important and it varies from one age group to another depending upon the severity of pain. The dosage information for various age groups is given in the list below.

Dosage in adults for pain management

1. For chronic pain mild to moderate-severe not requiring immediate analgesic effect- The initial dosage of tramadol 25 mg is prescribed to be taken in every morning. During the titration period, the dosage is to be increased by 25mg in every three days to reach the 100mg per day mark. Once the 100mg benchmark is reached the dosage is divided into 25mg four times a day. After the titration period, the dosage can be maintained as per the need of the individual, only the dosage should never exceed 400mg for a day.

2. For moderate to severe chronic pain requiring around the clock treatment- Extend release tablets of 100 mg is generally prescribed per day. The dosage can be titrated up by 100mg in an interval of every 5 days. But the dosage for ER capsules should never exceed 300mg for a day.

Geriatric Dosage for pain

1. For patients of 65years and above age: Cautiousness and precision is required during the selection of dosage. Usually, the dosage should be low at the beginning depending upon the health complications and other drug intakes. 2. For patients 75 and above: The maximum dosage should never exceed 300mg of divided doses for a day.

Paediatric Dosage

1. For the age group 4-16: For this age group immediate release tablets are recommended. The maximum single dosage for a day should never exceed 100mg. The maximum divided daily dosage is up to 400mg. Ask your doctor about the appropriate dosage.

2. For 16 years and above: The initial dosage is prescribed 50-100 mg be taken in every 4 to 6 hours. However, this dosage can be titrated up to 400mg per day under the proper instructions from the doctor.