Do Online Pharmacies Provide Your Tramadol Pills Without Prescription?

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tramadol bottle with no rx tagNo, legitimate online pharmacies would not provide you with Tramadol pills without a prescription. They would either ask for a medical script or provide one with a help of an online doctor. But there are few sites that would offer this pain relieving medication to their customers without getting a prescription and they are only counterfeit sites.

What should you do if an online pharmacy asks for a Tramadol prescription?

You have to consult with a doctor in person and get a medical script. Upload it to the site and get your required pills. If you do not want to spend money for consultation then use an online doctor facility.

You can go about placing the order for Tramadol online after answering the questionnaire form. These answers would be sent to an online medico. They would go about verifying the form. If required, people would also be told to upload their medical reports. This is used by them to judge whether Tramadol can help them or not. After this, they would call to your registered mobile number.

If an online doctor believes that you require this medication then they would provide a prescription and this would directly be sent to an online pharmacist. They would verify the medical script. If there is any difference in the dosage strength that you have chosen when compared with an e-prescription, the pharmacist would notify this to you. However, only the dosage strength that is prescribed by the doctor would be considered as your order.

What should you do if an online doctor does not provide you with a prescription?

Not all would be able to get the medication that they wish for. When an online doctor does not find it to be worth enough for you to take Tramadol then he or she would not give you a prescription. Always remember that these online healthcare professionals are well qualified similarly to the ones you meet in person.

So, it is not possible for those individuals who want to take this medication recreationally to get a script from them. But, if you are a genuine person who really wants to get treated for the pain and finds that Tramadol would help you then you can go about requesting an online doctor again.

There is high chance that you would get a prescription this time. Those who have failed in this could opt for some other online pharmacy to try their luck.

Would you get pills from the sites that do not require but provide authentic medication?

Unfortunately, there is no such site that would provide you with top class pills even without getting a medical script from you. An online pharmacy if it is legitimate it would definitely ask for a prescription. This is because Tramadol is very addictive in nature and it is also a prescription only drug.

Whichever place that you have decided to get Tramadol medication, it is a must to get a valid medical script before purchasing the pills.