Can you take Tramadol and Ambien together?

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ambien 10mg tablet bottle and boxNo, it is generally advised to not take Tramadol and Ambien together. There are a lot of Tramadol and Ambien users all around the world. A majority of people take this drug Tramadol in order to alleviate their pain. Those who have taken Tramadol or Ultram for an extensive period of time would have developed a tolerance towards it. They might also increase their effect for added advantage. Some people might take this substance with some other med just to enhance the effect. Many people will think of using Tramadol and Ambien in conjunction with one another.

Drug Interactions between Tramadol and Ambien

Before you consume these two drugs, Tramadol and Ambien together, you must first understand that the combination of these medicines can result in drug interactions. This interaction can increase the side effects of both of the medicines and could also result in unnecessary dangers. The common side effects of this interaction can be found below:

  • Having trouble to concentrate or focus at work or activities
  • Intense dizziness
  • Lowered judgment
  • Reduced thinking ability
  • Drowsiness
  • Lethargy

You also need to understand that this combination could lower your reaction time. Therefore, you should never take this combination when you are doing activities that require you to stay alert like driving or operating heavy machines.

Talk to your doctor before taking Ambien-Tramadol combination

You might have now understood the seriousness and the associated risks with taking Ambien and Tramadol together. Before you buy Tramadol or Ambien, you must first meet your doctor and talk about this combination. And only if you have been recommended to proceed with the combination, you can then begin to take them. Otherwise, it is always advisable not to mix with Tramadol and Ambien.

Some physicians believe that there is only a moderate combination between Tramadol and Ambien. But this moderate combination can have serious effects on your central nervous system and also on your respiratory system which could even lead to respiratory depression. Tramadol is a stimulant and so this can interfere with the sleep of a person. You may have a pleasant feel when you take high dosages of Tramadol. Ambien on the other hand is not known to prove this effect. Taking Tramadol and Ambien together can be a dangerous mix and if one is getting addicted to this deadly combination, then the road back is very very long. There can also be the risk of hypotension with this combination of Tramadol and Ambien together. Patients should be aware of the drugs they take and check with their doctor if they have to take this combination.